A few people have asked me what my goals are, now that my focus has shifted from fat to muscle.  Right now it’s a bit harder to identify, because before my goal was simply ‘get as big as physically possible.’

I suppose that’s still my goal, in some sense, but this year I’ve been trying to set more short-term goals instead of one long-term goal, in an effort to help motivate myself more.  That way, I can feel some accomplishment rather than chasing a far-off, nebulous goal I may never reach.

My goal for right now is a bit silly.  I bought my boyfriend this jockstrap for his birthday this year.  One day he wore it with this tank top, and I was just blown away at how good he looked in that combo.  Out of curiosity, I tried them on myself, but I didn’t like how unflattering they looked on my chubby body, particularly the jockstrap. 

Now that I’m closer to his body type, I think I look a lot better in them.  My short-term goal is to get to the point where I think I look as good as he does in them.  That is, add some size to my back (which has gone really well the past few months), and cut some size off my love handles (which I will work on my next cutting cycle in January).  So, more or less halfway there, I think!

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